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Cause: Trichomonas vaginitis (protozoan)

Signs & Symptoms:


1. Inflammation of vagina, producing burning and itching.

2. Frothy yellow-white or yellowish-brown vaginal discharge.

Objectives of Treatment:


1. To remove exudate, relieve inflammation, restore acidity, and re-establish normal bacterial flora.

2. Vinegar douche (2 Tbsp in 1 quart of water).

3. For recurrence, repeat treatment and include sexual partner.

Monilial infection

Cause: Candida albicans (fungus)

Signs & Symptoms:

1. Inflammation of vagina producing itching & reddish irritation.

2. White cheeselike discharge clinging to epithelium.

Objectives of Treatment:

1. To eradicate the fungus: Local applications of gentian violet.

2. To relieve other causative factors: Stop antibiotic therapy; determine if diabetes or other systemic disease is present.

Infection of Bartholin's gland

Cause: Escherichia coli, Trichomonas vaginitis Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Gonococcus

Signs & Symptoms:

1. Redness around Bartholin's gland.

2. Swelling and edema.

3. Development of Bartholin's abscess.

Objectives of treatment:

1. To drain the abscess or cause it to dissipate.

Cervicitis - acute and chronic

Cause: Gonorrhea, Streptococcus, Many pathogenic bacteria

Signs & Symptoms:

1. Profuse purulent vaginal discharge.

2. Backache.

3. Urinary frequency and urgency.

Objectives of Treatment:

1. To determine the cause: Cytologic examination of cervical smear.

2. To eradicate the gonococcus: Use well done fever treatments.

Postmenopausal vaginitis (atrophic vaginitis)

Cause : Lack of estrin effects

Signs & Symptoms:

1. Loss of redness, tissue folds, and epithelial covering of the vagina.

2. Itching and burning.

Objectives of Treatment:

1. Perineal pour 4-6 times daily.

2. Vitamin E oil capsule inserted each night high in vagina.


The majority of this content is taken from Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute, printed with permission by Wildwood Inn Health Retreat.


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