Wildwood Inn Health Retreat - Health Wellness Center

Privacy Policy

The Wildwood Inn Health Retreat respects your privacy. Your personal information will never be sold or shared with a 3rd party. Your records are kept strictly confidential unless you request in writing for us to send a copy to you or to anyone else.

We have a research form that former guests complete to help us with our research follow up. This form requires a release of information for research publication but does not publish personal information, just the statistical data.

Wildwood Inn Health Retreat is doing research in order to improve the services they provide and to educate the medical profession and insurance carriers as to the value of lifestyle habits and their impact on health.

Your personal information will never be visible or available in any recognizable form related to you personally in the publications. This is because only group information, averages, statistical significance of findings, and not individual information, is published.

By filling out and submitting the form, you agree and support this research and give your unreserved permission to use your information as detailed above.


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