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Future Body Sciences, Inc. - Makers & Distributors of the "Clear" Line

The "Clear" Line by Future Body Sciences, Inc. / Formulated to Assist in Detoxification

While the level of chemicals in the environment continues to rise in our present technological age, our bodies are absorbing an increasing onslaught of toxins that are disabling our immune system. Yet, until now, there were no products available to adequately address the imbalance in chemistry levels these toxins created. Enter Daniel Phend, researcher, Master Herbalist and CEO of Future Body Sciences, Inc., who has formulated the "Clear" Line of detoxification products to address the need to improve the basic approach of assisting the body in balancing its own chemistry levels. ( Phend is also involved in resonant therapy research and a member of the TrueRife Network of over 700 researchers (Wildwood Inn Health Retreat being one of them). He has contributed to some of the programming and product development ).

A Researchers Realization

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Phend noticed two outstanding occurrences:

1) Client's general symptoms were becoming increasingly acute and chronic more quickly, and...

2) Client's recovery processes were becoming more intense with a need for larger doses and more numerous vitamins, herbs, and homeopathic remedies.

In addition, clients' recovery programs were becoming very expensive and taking longer before levels of recovery became evident. It was also during this time that the growing concentration of new chemicals and pollutants in the environment was becoming increasingly evident. Further, Phend realized that these new toxins were inhibiting the body's own metabolic pathways, and that the conditions he was increasingly observing related directly to the body's inability to clean itself of naturally occurring waste.

The Surprising Solution / The Gold Standard of Detoxification Formulations

In response, through 13 years of research based on the science of phytopharmacology, Phend found the perfect herbs strong enough to combat the amount of free radicals and the strength of the pathology health practitioners were encountering, and to restore the body to full utilization of its own cleansing systems. The "Clear" Line was formulated to decongest the primary detoxification organs that were already perfectly designed to keep the body clean, beginning with the intestines, liver, and kidneys. Thus, the body naturally regains its order and coherency by clearing out the debris and removing the source of all the metabolic corruption.

The result of this researchers journey is the "Clear" Line formulated into four products taken in three phases:

1) Deturge™ - the Phase One product that begins the cleansing process by providing support to the digestive system.

Click Here to Download the Deturge™ Brochure

2) Liver Clear™ - used in Phase Two to help restore the body's filtration system.

Click Here to Download the Liver Clear™ Brochure

3) Kidney Clear™ - used in Phase Two to help restore the body's filtration system.

Click Here to Download the Kidney Clear™ Brochure

4) Lymph Clear™ - used in Phase Three for cleansing of the fluid around the body's cells.

Click Here to Download the Lymph Clear™ Brochure

By following specific protocols, each client showed the expected detoxification benefits. Individuals could now benefit from much smaller doses of vitamins and minerals, as the body absorbed and metabolized with greater efficiency. In addition, while many of the homeopathics taken prior to using the "Clear" Line had lost their effectiveness in these clients due to the disruption of toxins and metals, these same homeopathics now worked with great impact in clear tissues.

Clinical Use

Future Body Science™ uses a clinical approach to detoxification that involves three distinct phases, each one designed to detoxify at progressively deeper levels.

Phase One
Phase one prepares the glands, organs, and tissues of the body for cleansing. Deturge™ contains more than forty herbs that provide nutrients and begin the cleansing processes. The goal of the first phase is to enhance the digestive system's potential to cleanse its mucosal membranes of sludge and debris that may be causing inefficient absorption.

Phase Two
The goal of phase two is to restore the body's own filtration system to 100% efficiency so it can once again fulfill its designed function of sorting through debris and toxins. Using clinical strength herbs in Kidney Clear™ and Liver Clear™, we are able to go deeper into the tissues and cells of these two organs. This phase allows us to penetrate deeper into the organs where the toxins are residing while restoring efficiency to the entire system. They have found that this approach helps to decrease the symptoms usually associated with the detoxification process.

Phase Three
The goal of phase three is to look into the deepest parts of the body - the health of the cells. The specific target for cleansing at this phase is the extra fluid surrounding the cells. This extra cellular fluid is responsible for delivering and removing the cell's waste and must be kept clear of debris that lends itself to becoming food for potential pathogens. It is of the utmost importance to have this extra cellular fluid, which becomes lymph fluid, cleansed and purified of toxins and potential pathogens. This is accomplished with the use of Lymph Clear™. The groundwork laid in the preceding two phases has enabled Future Body Sciences™ to reach this depth of cleansing and maintain this level of detoxification.

Clearline Products

Produced, manufactured, and distributed by American workers!

The “Clear” Line Fact Sheet
Future Body Sciences, Inc.

• We have a 25 year relationship with the buyers, growers, and the places from which we purchase international herbs.

• Our herbs are grown by the oldest and most experienced supplement developers in the world.

- These developers are experts in raising healthy herbs and preparing them for harvest.

• Products contain rare and unique herbs not found in herbal supplements produced by other leading companies.

• Uses a unique combination of these rare herbs:

- With each other.

- With other common herbs.

• Contains an unprecedented number of herbs in each product.

• Contains 50% potency, compared to 20% potency of other leading brands.

- Liquid products cost approximately $4 more per bottle for over twice the potency of other leading brands.

• Formulas are available in multiple sizes appropriate for individual client recovery programs.

• Developed using a specialized spagyric method.

- It is an absolutely superior process.

- Herbs are macerated appropriately using a right spin so as not to segregate them.

- It uses vacuum technology to prevent oxidization exposure.

- It prevents the volatile and aromatic oils from segregating and decomposing in any manner in order to maintain the highest potency.


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