Wildwood Inn Health Retreat - Health Wellness Center

Wildwood Inn Health Retreat
What to Bring

Because we do not do medical insurance billing, we request that you have full laboratory test results completed before arriving and bring copies of the test results with you.

Tests should include:

  • CBC
  • Complete Chemistry Profile
  • Lipid Profile
  • ECG

There are very few things that you need to bring with you other than your personal effects – toiletries, weather-appropriate clothing such as rain boots in the spring or winter , (see annual weather report), and other items for your personal care.

If you are currently taking medications, please remember to bring them with you.

The things we recommend that you do bring include:

  • A pair of walking shoes or sneakers
  • Comfortable clothing for your daily exercise
  • A comfortable bathrobe and house slippers
  • A bathing suit for hydrotherapy treatments
  • A watch with a second hand or digital seconds (if you have one)

Guests are encouraged to bring personal items such as a favorite pillow or photos.  You may bring a personal tape player or MP3 player with earphones, but we request that you leave your radio and TV at home.

And the Wildwood Inn Health Retreat provides all the rest.

What NOT to Bring

No Cigarettes, Tobacco, Alcohol , Snacks, Coffee, Tea or Drinks of any kind. No radio or TV's. No short shorts or halter type tops (please wear modest attire).

Download a program application by Clicking Here. We need to have your application 2 weeks prior to attending.

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